Art Space Rentals

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An art rental program is, for some artists, a means of potentially making an income and gaining publicity from work that may have otherwise been sitting in storage. A professional art rental program will sign on a certain number of works from an artist for a set period of time and make them available to their clients for a set fee and time-period. If the renter wishes to buy the piece, the rental organization will take a commission. It should be the rental program’s responsibility to insure the work for damage and theft, but you the artist will be required to pay for framing as well as shipping and handling. Many artists have gotten involved in art-rental programs, to greater and lesser degrees of success. Success in the rental world is dependant on whether or not your work is renting, which can be dependent on any number of factors currently unknown to you. If you are thinking about getting involved in a rental program, have done your research, and believe you have found a reputable company, you may still wish to begin slowly and build up this aspect of your career based the practical knowledge you gain from renting over time, i.e. how frequently your work rents, the type of work that is renting, how much you typically spend in shipping and handling, how many sales or contacts have been made because of the program, etc.

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