Artist-Run Centre, Alternative Venues & Creative Spaces

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Artist-Run Centres (ARCs) can be as diverse as the artists who run them. Developed in response to the limitations of museum, public gallery, and commercial gallery venues, ARCs are non-profit organizations run by artists who provide other artists with a space to display (and sometimes) produce their art. ARCs quite often aim to appeal to a particular aspect of the arts community by having a focused mandate, i.e. showcase for new-media, space for political critique through art, etc. This makes it relatively easy to determine if the centre would be a good fit for your work. ARCs are often sponsored from a mixed bag of sources and will frequently require membership fees, and will expect some volunteer administrative work to help keep the cost of running the centre covered. As with any organization you choose to become involved with, it is up to you the artist to make sure you are being treated fairly. Take note of any Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council funding, which require a payout of artist fees to you, and make sure that you have weighed the benefits of centre against the costs of participating to the best of your knowledge.

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