International Exhibit

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Exhibiting your work internationally can be a rewarding, if logistically complicated, experience. International exhibition opportunities are typically the result of a networking connection. If you have found an international exhibition opportunity that interests you be absolutely certain you will be sending materials (and potentially an entrance fee) to a real event and not a scam. When you are confident about the credentials of the show, doing a bit of research on the copyright laws and economic situation of the country you wish to exhibit in can save you tears later. One last step before you send in your application is to set out a budget that considers all the costs of the show including traveling expenses for you and your work to and fro, packaging costs, commission, taxation, rate of exchange, and accommodations. Any international exhibit has the potential to become extremely costly if you haven’t done your research. If you have done your research and everything seems satisfactory, pursue the opportunity! A number of arts travel grants can be applied for through Canada Council and Canadian Foreign Affairs Cultural and Trade Programs.

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