Juried Exhibition

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A juried exhibition is comprised of works selected by a jury of people, often art-critics, art experts, curators, and artists, or some combination thereof, from the works received in response to the show’s call for submission.  Juried exhibitions were once the life-blood of an emerging artist’s career. However, the importance of a juried exhibition is now often more the determinant of a particular artist’s career and aspirations than of the greater arts community’s high regard. Nevertheless, a juried exhibition can be a valuable experience as well as a noteworthy contribution to your artist’s resume. Proper research, as always, is crucial in making the effort of applying to a juried show worth your while. The call for submission to the show will be accompanied by a prospectus outlining the submission requirements, the jurors, fees, and prizes (if applicable), etc. Taking a close look at the information provided in the prospectus, and perhaps on the show’s website as well, will help you to know whether your work will be appropriate for the show. If your research leads you to conclude that your work is indeed appropriate, and has a chance at being accepted by the jurors, be sure you can also answer the following questions satisfactorily before sending off your application:
Does the show’s application material and website give the impression that the group hosting the show is professional and organized?
If the show has been funded by the Canada Council or the Ontario Arts Council are the appropriate artist fees being paid out?
What are all the costs associated with your application and entry to the show: entry fees, slide development, printing, shipping and handling, insurance, and commission?
Do you believe the publicity from the show will be of greater value than the cost to enter it?
If there are entry fees associated with the show, do you know (and are comfortable with) what they support?
Who is held liable if your work is damaged or stolen during the show, in shipping?
Do you know anyone who has entered the show previously from whom you can inquire about their experience?

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