Proper Follow-up

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Do not badger the organization you have submitted a proposal to with regular phone calls and/or e-mail inquiries, but, unless otherwise noted, calling the organization to whom you have submitted a proposal is an acceptable practise. Be polite, make sure they have received your submission, and ask (depending on which is appropriate for the situation) if they would either be open to meeting with you to discuss your proposal, or when you could reasonably expect to hear back from them. The purpose of a follow up call is not necessarily to found out specific information, but to help the organization associate your name with someone who is not only talented, but responsible, organized and interested in their facility. If you have received a rejection from an organization, it is courteous to thank them for their consideration either through a written letter or e-mail. If you feel the situation might warrant the request, ask for feedback to that you can improve your proposals in the future.

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