Creating a Portfolio

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A good portfolio is an essential career-development tool for any artist. Your portfolio is a document that creates a bridge between you and the art world. Different portfolios are needed for different types of submissions. Carefully read the guidelines for anything you apply for and follow them exactly. It is likely that anything you’re applying for is getting a number of applications from other people and if your portfolio doesn’t follow the outline it will easily fall into the garbage. When sending portfolios to galleries the best choice it to send packages that have been well edited and carefully prepared.

Step-by-Step Guide to Portfolio (128kb .pdf)
Exactly what the title says, a guide to creating a portfolio. This article covers the basis of portfolio building and what to consider as you construct it. This article was written by our good friend, Becky Hubble.

Artist Portfolio Guidelines (link .url)
This site has most of the information seen above. Explains how to create
your portfolio and how to present it to galleries.

Developing your Artist Portfolio (link .url)
This site has detailed information about each element of your portfolio.
Does not give as much information as above but goes into more detail about
specific items.

Portfolio Development (link .url)
This is a really great website for tons of valuable information. This is
their write-up about preparing your portfolio.

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