Documenting Your Work

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Documenting your work is THE most important part of promoting yourself as an artist. Images of your work are what get people interested in what you are doing. Because of this, documenting your work properly is one of the most important investments you can make as an artist and entrepreneur.  If you don’t invest in your career by taking quality images than why would galleries or clients want to invest in your work. Have a professional take pictures of your work.  Although this is expensive you can learn from the experience–understand how to take your own images properly—and it will aid in getting gallery representation. Commercial galleries work with many clients, many never enter the gallery, work is shown to them via email and art is selected based on the images sent. If your images aren’t quality the gallery may not select your work to show to the client. Invest in yourself, it shows that you take your work seriously, that you are professional and that you understand the art market. If you feel up to the challenge of documenting your work yourself, here are a few pointers and links to other online resources that will help.

Documenting Your Work (96kb .pdf)
Knowing how hard it can be to find a professional photographer and the cash to pay them we asked our good friend and photographer Paul Hubble to write detailed information about taking great pictures of your work.

How to Photograph your Artwork for a Portfolio or the Internet (link .url)
Good information about everything. This also has good images of how to set-up your camera, etc. Gives steps from beginning to end (how to set-up, take the image and put the work online or in your portfolio). Is also trying to sell you an online folio. Talks about taking pics of paintings only.

How to Take Your Own Pictures of Your Artwork (link .url)
This site overviews the importance of documenting your work. In addition it talks about using a digital camera to document your artwork. Written in a very basic way, easy to read. Some information isn’t great but does give a decent general overview.

Images for the Internet (link .url)
This article speaks about putting images online. Also explains the difference between DPI and pixels, how to resize images, cropping, etc. Very basic photoshop information.

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