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A great alternative for a website is a blog. They are easy to use, generally free, and require no programing, but can be customizable and personal. We used wordpress blogs for our sites with great success and are quite happy with being able to do all the work ourselves.

Blogger (link .url)
Free to sign up with using a google account. Create a blog site.

Live Journal (link .url)
A blogging website, free to join up.

Vox (link .url)
Another blogging site.

WordPress (link .url)
Lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in minutes. Create a blog site.

7 Popular Art Blogging Styles (link .url)
So now you have a blog and perhaps you find it difficult to write because you don’t know how to write a blog or what you write just doesn’t sound good, or maybe questioning what is blog worthy. This article examines several different blog styles artists tend to use.

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