Business Cards

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A business card is key in representing your self to the public. When meeting some one new they should have your card within the first minutes of the conversation. This card contains some extremely important information, who you are, what you do, your contacts, and perhaps your website. When you walk away from that initial conversation the only thing that person will have to remember you is your business card and a conversation. You want to make sure your card is aesthetically awesome and rememberable. Make it count.

Amazing Business Card Examples on Flickr (link .url)
When trying to think of cool ideas for business cards it can be hard to come up with something that catches the public eye. This Flickr site link has nearly 1000 business cards. Great place to find inspiration for creating a unique business card that will catch a client’s eye.

Wikipedia Information on Business Cards (link .url)
Surprisingly wikipedia does give good information on business cards. Supplying useful information on typical paper quality, weight, shape and in addition some terminology in regards to color printing which might be helpful with talking with graphic designers, or the printing companies.

11 Parts of a Business Card (link .url)
This link provides a good breakdown of the various information to be considered when designing the layout of your business card. Name, Address, Phone, Web Page, Title, Taglines and etc.

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