Online Money Transfers

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Selling your artwork online, receiving payments, online transactions and associated applicable fees. When you’re shipping work around the world to people who you have only met via the internet why not collect payment from them via the internet as well. Here is where online banking and online money transfers come in. Online transfers are safe, reliable, faster than mail, and most automatically convert currency. Yet you should learn which system is best suited for you. As a general rule all money transfer services do change a flat fee or take a percentage of the total value.

Interac Email Money Transfer (link .url)
Interac Email Money Transfers are a simple, convenient, and secure  way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another. There are generally no fees to using this service, only in some circumstances will there be a fee.

Paypal (link .url)
PayPal is only a Payment Service Provider. PayPal helps you make payments to and accept payments from third parties. The fee PayPal uses for transaction of goods is 2.9% of the price +$0.30

Western Union (link .url)
Three ways to transfer money, from a store’s location, online or by phone. With Western Union there are service charges that vary depending on the location sending and receiving locations.

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