Registering Your Business

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After you have decided on a business structure, the next step is to register your business. You can register a business number (which you will need for things like collecting GST, payroll deductions and paying any corporate income tax) through the Canada Revenue Agency’s Business Registration Online service. You can register your business name and perform a business name search through the Service Ontario Services for Businesses website listed below.  When you register your business name, you receive what is called a Master Business License. It can be used as official proof of your business name registration at financial institutions.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION ONLINE – Canada Revenue Agency (link .url)
Business Registration Online is a one stop, online, self serve application that allows you to register for a Business Number, as well as for four major CRA programs (Corporation Income Tax, Goods and Services/Harmonized Sales Tax, Payroll Deductions, and Import-Export accounts).

SEARCH A BUSINESS NAME – Service Ontario, Services for Businesses (link .url)
This site allows you to perform a search of existing business names so that you can see if yours is unique.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND RENEWAL – Service Ontario, Services for Businesses (link .url)
This site allows you to register for a Master Business License.

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